Fine Art Photography: Studio practice since 2005. Work includes projects and varied pursuits with the visual arts throughout this period of time. Central to these efforts is conceptualizing identity within a subjective documentary-style framework.

  • Selections include series, sequences, and stand-alone photograph works from varied formats. Evolving 2005-PRESENT.

Photobooks: Browse and purchase current publications and works in-development. Selections currently in collections nationwide. Book projects reflect evolving creative focus, educational pursuits, and orientation of a body of work developed over time.

  • Examples include Iroquoia (VSW Press, 2007), Recollection (VSW Press, 2011), and Bright Valley (tent. 2020 publication).

Ephemera: Archival fine art (Giclée) prints, postcards, miscellaneous products developed from varied art photography pursuits.

  • Wide range of visual materials available for purchase. Customizable imagery, formats, and sizes. Selections vary.


Custom Photography: The Image File™ is a grouping of original images specific to the needs of the client and is developed in support of this vision. Custom photography services provide different size/format web-ready photography packages for varied needs (all image needs in one place ensuring continuity, quality, and usage rights).

  • Location studies, Portraiture, Product/ Service Branding, Custom photographic files (custom ‘stock-like’ imagery with all aspects specific to client needs), Photographic Prints, Cards, Banners…

Visual Narratives: Your story, the identity, that process- visualized. Process documentation sequences, series, portfolios. Sell concepts with a demonstrated process.

  • Visual narratives are documentary-style stories that explore product, identity, location and history. Uses include web-based applications, print support for annual reports, and human interest, and promotional applications.

Archives: Mining the personal archive, location research on-demand, historical property information, regional documentation, digitized public and private archives and/or individual works. Digitization services.

  • Digital capture and edit of analog files including photographs, print material, and your varied ephemera.

  • Location research: Services include historical map mining and digitization, period media, and associated focused visual research on a particular business, location, product, and/or applied subject.