Custom Photography

Full-service custom editorial and commercial content providing unique web-ready photography packages for all image needs, ensuring tailored results, continuity, and quality.

  • Personalized visual content. Documentary-style interpretive works, promotional image series and sequences, location documentation, portraiture, and product/ service branding.

  • Image File™ content are personalized accumulations of original works crafted specific to the needs of the client. Each Image File is customized to a specific set of goal using curated photo-based content, visual stories, exhibitions and displays to complement a full range of web and print-based needs. Content accumulations include a full-range of original customized imagery.

Visual Narratives

Identity, progression, and process(s) - visualized. Documentary-style individual works, sequences, and series portfolios. Visualizing targeted concepts and speaking to core product and service identity.

  • Documentary-style photo-based stories of varied style and length exploring product identity, location and history.

  • Photo illustration for webpages, promotional applications, presentations, annual reports, including wide-ranging human interest stories available for web and print-based applications.

Content Documentation

Historically-focused research utilizing subject and location studies specific to client needs and interests. Digitizing physical collections and archives of varied ephemera with the use of hybrid digital-analog processes, on-demand.

  • Digital capture and edit of analog materials including photographs, film and video, portfolio/ print-based material, and varied ephemera.

  • Location research, scouting, and documentation: Content services including geographic services, historical research, digitization, period media, and focused visual content for any variety of subjects.

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